It will happen soon.  I can see the horizon coming closer.  Beyond the veil, nothing, well nothing you can see anyway.  It’s kind of like a black hole, the event horizon is almost upon us, and I can see no further after that.  You might not know what I’m talking about, so I will explain…

I can see into the future.  I’m not psychic, I just think things through and come to different “conclusions,” or “possibilities,” if you prefer.  I used to be able to see farther, but now I have almost no prescience.  The entire world has conspired to make me unable to accurately assess the future, and I don’t like it, not one eincy wiency bit!

Your mind is poisoned.  So is mine, I know.  I am aware of the poisoning.  The children that are being born now will have no knowledge of the world before the internet.  We cannot hold onto our past unless we are focused on the future.  The world will make up its own mind where it deals destruction, but the people will deal destruction in ways unknown as yet to humanity.  The future is built on our past, and we are about to forget it.  It is not anything but an inability to see past the veil, but it exists more than ten years into the future.  I can see up to seven, but as with looking out across the sea; the further future is always heavily shrouded in a thick possibility fog.

The trick is to not do anything, and then you know what kind of effect the world has on itself without you.  Then, when you do something; you can really see the difference between doing nothing, and doing something, as opposed to doing something your whole life only to feel as if nothing has come of your efforts (It’s A Wonderful Life), and then killing yourself.  Total bummer dude!  Basically, you need to figure out what’s important to you and then do it, because now is the time.  If everybody just pays attention to the time we’re in, right now, then maybe we can pass through the event horizon and see our past as a portrait of a journey to where we were; where we were supposed to be.