There is commonness here.  A werewolf and a human being have certain overlapping qualifications.  We are humans, we are also animals, that is the metaphor.  The reality is ever more apparent as we begin to understand our species in its complete state.

Our presence here is the culmination of a course of events, that began as a conclusion to an other course of events, to which we have evidence of up for display in various museums of modern science around the world.

To speak plainly ~ we are here as a result of the dinosaurs not being here.  .

We are animals.  We should never forget that.  We still grow claws.  They could be sharp, and used correctly could kill prey.  We are animals.

We have done everything in our power to disguise this fact for ourselves.  We hide the meat industry.  We only increase productivity because we plan on being lazy.  Social structure is only minutely more complex than any typical primate society.  It’s all a big party and we think we’re the coolest ones here.  Newsflash, we’re not…

I’m watching Barbarella right now, and I’m realizing that 1968 got it right, but at the same time I know that Jane Fonda is so perfect that this movie is the perfect representation of everything that is right, and at the same time everything that is wrong, with modern multimedia offerings.

It’s just too sexy!  The thing is so sexy, that I can barely take my eyes away from it to write this sentence.  It is sexy in a way that I am not sure our society can produce anymore, because it is also innocent in its inherent ignorance of what “sexy” media would do to our society once it could be accessed on demand, from a competent search engine.  It was all too easy for free love to turn into easy money, and from there the artistic movement, became one more closely associated with protestation. 

It’s too bad really, because the story is so pure, and I would actually LOVE to see a remake of Barbarella, but there is no actress today who could pull off what Jane Fonda did in this movie.  Plus there are so many sexy people in this movie; if you were going to do it today, it would have to have all no-name actors and actresses.  There could be no Gerard Butler or Mila Kunis, it wouldn’t work!  But it couldn’t be made today, because it would end up being porn.

So if a big porn company wants to remake Barbarella let me know, because I want in on that shit, and you don’t know who I am at all!

By the way, did I mention that we’re all animals?