When in Rome you do as the Romans do, but what do Romans do exactly?  I don’t know exactly, but I can tell you that they had great PR people.  I mean look at these uniforms, they are so badass! Also that kerchief really makes the one on the right look pretty dashing, as a shield support guy really should.

But this really isn’t about the Romans and what they did.  It’s about how most people don’t know how to interact with most other people in any sort of reliable, and mutually beneficial fashion.

This is the origin of the art of lawyering.  People could represent other people’s interests, and present their clients identity in a more culturally acceptable way than the person themselves could ever do.

But lets say that you are you, and you have a business.  You are the only employee, and because your business is service related, you have to set what your price is to the end consumer.  This can lead to tricky situations if you aren’t prepared, and don’t understand what you are worth, and this is why you need someone to tell you.

A PR guy is not a Yes Man, he is someone who finds out who you are, and what you do.  He then works with you to develop your skills, and from there he strategically markets your skills to others.  The reason why everybody needs a PR guy now, is because field specialization is increasingly creating micro-niche economies within well established funneled wealth.  At the same time the divide between the middle class and the working class is fading away, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We all work now, and If we don’t work then we definitely have a PR guy, because he’s doing all the work for us. 

The fact that we all work, means that the level of specialization in every industry has increased exponentially.  I don’t have numbers for you, but I can easily state that the internet connected device has the power to do great good for the placement of highly specialized people if used correctly, and has done so ever more efficiently over the past few years due to the increased affordability and portability of ICDs.

The prevalent use of ICDs over the next few years will lead to massive socio-cultural change.  Everybody knows that it is coming, but nobody is exactly sure what the other side of the singularity will look like.  I expect that we are within the event horizon right now, because I have issues comprehending the past, and difficulty seeing into the future.  It’s as if everything is happening all at once, and nobody knows how to assemble the signs into the message.

To succeed in the new world one has to be on the internet, but not everyone knows how to represent themselves appropriately, and in some cases, representing yourself can be detrimental to your cause. There is plenty of historical evidence to support that in some cases people have been killed and imprisoned just for trying. 

The PR guy is your best friend, but only if he’s on your side.  You want him to give you a five star review every single time.  You want him to write carefully and engagingly.  You want to be able to trust him with your internet presence, because that’s the field he specializes in, and his field is growing every day…

Everybody needs a PR guy.