The future of currency?

The Bitcoin has been getting a lot of press lately, and now is the time to separate the hype from the fact.

The Bitcoin is a form of currency favored by the Internet underworld. The benefits of Bitcoin are anonymity, security, and decentralization.

I wouldn’t say that I am Bitcoin expert, but I feel confident that in the coming years the Bitcoin will be a major player in the world economic system, but will not necessarily replace any one local currency completely. Right now the US is apparently the big loser, but looks can be deceiving, and time will show the current Bitcoin/USD exchange rate to be ultimately a good thing for America and the rest of the world.

We all know about the 1% from everybody Occupying Everywhere, and it is a big problem for the Great Eagle, because our production system is stagnating as a direct result of the continuance of corporate greed. Our people suffer an incredible ignorance because of it’s perpetuation. But it is the goal of the machine to continue operating, and there is no way to dismantle it without considerable bloodshed, amidst other destabilizing factors. This is where Bitcoin comes in.

Bitcoin is seen by many in power as a threat to their assets, but Bitcoin is not a threat, it is the solution to a problem that has long since plagued our current definition of wealth – inflation.

Bitcoin is designed to naturally deflate over time. This means that the longer the Bitcoin is around, the more worth it will have, until it is eventually not needed as a currency at all, (either because local economies are intrinsically strong, or because new technology allows for a new, even more secure, form of cryptocurrency to develop).

The talk about the “Bitcoin Bubble” is rather misleading, because the perceived “Bubble” is actually more like a balloon, that inflates and deflates in accordance with the local currency’s level of stabilization to the world mean. In other words, Bitcoin thrives when local currencies are in jeopardy, and stagnates when all centralized currencies have the appropriate amount of faith and followers (this second is important to note, because never in the history of the world have all the currencies had the “appropriate amount” all at the same time). The dollar is the lowest it’s ever been, and Bitcoin is there to provide some cushion for the people that know how to take advantage of the opportunity.

Do NOT!!!! I repeat, do not put all of your money into Bitcoins!!! Especially when 1 BTC is valued at almost $50USD!!! You should, however, pay more attention to this underground currency, because it’s starting to show wings and it will eventually fly. In the meantime you might want to start thinking about investing in a cheap Bitcoin miner, and hope that the Bitcoin doesn’t crash before you can get a return on your investment. The good news is that if the Bitcoin does crash you will be ready to buy in at the reduced rate, and rest assured, when (not if) the Bitcoin’s value rises back up, you will be ready to take your place at the table of redistributed wealth.