Ok.  This is an easy one.  I think you all know what I’m talking about, but give me a second to break it all down to you all simple like.

1.  We are bred to consume.

Everything that lives consumes.  Plants consume sunlight, (which is pretty cool if you think about it) and animals consume plants, (as well as other animals) CRAZY RIGHT!?!

2.  We are expected to consume.

Today we are in a “break it, you bought it” society.  Before the industrial revolution we were probably closer to “If you can’t make it, you can’t have it,” meaning that you could get the good stuff if you had the money, but if you didn’t, you had better be good with your hands.  Over time, the industrial machine has allowed things to be made cheaply, and now there is IKEA…  The people that own the machines, that make the things, expect you to pay for them, and you do, because that is the society we live in.

It is the same society that has crept up around us and specialized us away from traditional craftsmanship.  It is this society that has left a void; a void, which modern consumerism has yet to completely fill.  This void can’t be filled with such ideology, because the desire to consume within a population increases in direct relation to the number of different items (or choices) available to the population at any one given time.  Add the internet to this system, and both the seller and the consumer are able to increase their sample data.  They not only know that you are going to consume, they probably have a pretty good idea of what it is, and the funniest part is that, you are most likely the one who told them.

3.  “So what do I do?”

The easy answer doesn’t exist, but things have become quite interesting.  The world is full of voices, and people are talking to one another.  My one friend likes Coke, and my other friend likes Pepsi.  Things are kind of weird now, but that’s basically how it works.  Traditional advertising hasn’t completely disappeared, but people are becoming more aware of some of the greater evils

Just try to be aware, because your friends are watching your every move, and they want to be just like you.  Don’t let them down!