The reality is that we don’t know what’s going to happen. We wish we did, but we just don’t. I can make this real simple, because I think it’s important to be simple sometimes, but overall the whole thing is really complicated, and the reality is that we just done fucked up too damn much to change much of anything now.

Unfortunately this reality is a little bleak, considering that millions, perhaps billions of people will be displaced during this period, the largest dislocation in human history is now on our doorstep, and although it is right in front of our face, we are powerless to perceive the level of horror yet to come.

The reality is also that it doesn’t have to be horrible… We can make this transition smooth…

For example, in the early 20th century, many science fiction writers envisioned a world powered by nuclear energy. In the 1970’s the idea evolved into the fear of an atomic power struggle, which would result in a post-nuclear apocalyptic wasteland – after all the bombs had exploded that is…

The nuclear apocalypse hasn’t happened… yet. But who are we to say that it couldn’t have, or that it wouldn’t have, if those science fiction writers had never imagined humanity at the moment of their ultimate fail.

What is happening now is much worse. We are distracted, and we are also lazy. We buy cheap, not only because we have to, but because we can, and our money belongs to us. Money is important, because it facilitates economic exchange, but it doesn’t really exist in the world, (except within our minds) and not many people will readily accept this fact as true.

As ideas go, money is not a bad one. The number one problem with money is that it has gathered so many positive associations over the years, it is hard to not see it as a good thing. Money means security and health. It can procure beauty and sexual partners. It can allow you to do great things, but it also can maintain an uncanny hold on a person. In other words, the value of money tends to make the individual feel either positively or negatively in direct relation to the money in which they have or do not have.

The individual is also at fault, for the idea of the “individual” is actually less real than the idea of money, because there exists no such man or woman who is truly an individual, because in order to be so they would have to be separate from all human influence, and to do this would leave a person completely alone, and in this state they would most certainly die. From the cradle to the grave we tend our flock, this is the truth, and you can consider reading this sentence as a point towards that truth.

All humans truly exist for the benefit of all other humans.

Some people have an issue with the particulars of this, but overall it is a truism – that is of course until all humans exist truly for the benefit of the individual, a statement which might sound like farce, but is actually a solid cornerstone for our culture – at present.

So 99 years to go I guess. I’m sure things will change for the better, I mean look, we haven’t had world war III yet right? That’s good news, for now. But what happens when Southeast Asia is flooded? And conversely, what happens when the beach in Florida starts to get sucked into a hungry ocean getting fat off of a recently consumed glacier?

Tough questions… But here’s one more…

Q: Who really cares about the environment anyway?

A: Only people who have no real impact on how business gets done in the real world.

Isn’t it about the time that we should start thinking about all of us?

Instead of just some of us?

Just a thought…